Soup Kitchen

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A volunteer-run initiative (c/o Food #03) started in Feb 2009.


We are currently feeding about 330 persons per session.

ABOUT The Soup Kitchen Project

The Soup Kitchen Project feeds lower-income persons in the Jalan Besar/Lavender Street area. Held every Monday, volunteers from all walks of life gather to pack and distribute vegetarian dinners to the beneficiaries.

Find us on FB:


Give your time on Monday from 5.45-7.45pm.
If you would like to contribute in other ways, please contact us.

Please SMS 98423287 for more info.


2016: Princess Evie, Ana, JSB, Muru, and anonymous sponsors.

2015: Anthony Huang and Ed Boon, PayPal, Robin, anngee, Sharon Lim, Charles Moy, Kenneth, Cherane and Jerane Tan, Christopher Tay, Pauline Leow, Michelle Mok, Caprice Stolle, Cindy Woo, Susmita Lim, Sharon Ng, Joanne Tan, Edmund Kong, Adrienne Pereira, Mel Ee, Canadian International School students, Adeline, pyr, Hamchan Inc, Cui Yu, Prisca, The Observatory, True Bits, Nick and Vivian, The Coolkids, Daniel Chia, The People of Singapore, Yeng, Chen Jieyun, Cuifen, and anonymous sponsors

2014: Wan Lin, Hazel Lim, Edgar Liao, Shantal, Cui Yu, Ukay, Janice Ko, David, Victor Lim, Robin, Zaw, Wee San, Jeanette, Philip Morgan, Neighbourgoods, Maggie Yin, Leo Mee Moi, Anon, Kenneth Chong, Su Fang, Anon, Serene Yeo, Ken, Agnes Tan, and anonymous sponsors.

2012-2013: Various

2010-2011: The Body Shop


15 thoughts on “Soup Kitchen

  1. Hi, Are you feeding people at your location or around the island?… any location in the East side of our island?

  2. Hi there! Do you have an email address where I can share more about cheap and good groceries for your team when you prepare the dinner for the beneficiaries? Cheers. Angie 93892337

  3. Just curious, I would like to find out if preschoolers like 4 to 6 years olds can help in this community work?

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