Old photo from Rowell Rd days


Photo taken in Food #03 with Shao Han, the late Ah B, Dr Hong Lysa and Richard Chua.




The nomadic life

Post-Museum ended our activities in our Rowell Rd space with Singapore Really Really Free Market 18 on 7 Aug.

With the help of friends who have volunteered their time and effort, we finally moved out a week later and is now taking a break. Thanks everyone for your support!

Post-Museum is now officially a nomad!

We plan to hold the first of our Out-Post events in Nov. Out-Post is a new series of events Post-Museum will be holding in various spaces in Singapore. We are looking for interesting and cool spaces and people, so if you wanna offer us your space or work with us, we’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, take care and keep in touch with us on our virtual spaces: FBTwitterour website, and of course, on our new WP Space!

Veg butcher shop?

According to this article, 75% of the population in The Netherlands no longer eats meat daily, and The Vegetarian Butcher is having a field day meeting the demand for veg food. This is great news for everyone as livestock is a major threat to the environment [FAO]!

With Food #03, our restaurant in our Rowell Rd space, we were also promoting the benefits of a meat-less diet. Though we were not as fortunate as Veg Butcher, we are sure that meat demand in Singapore will continue to drop as more people realise what a positive difference it makes. We look forward to the day when veg food is in such demand here!

It’s not difficult to eat less meat or drop meat completely! There are lots of websites with good advice including Happycow.net and VSS. You can also do it once a week with VeggieThursday.