The Kula Ring in SIFA

Our artwork Archive of Future Commons will be on show in 72-13 as part of SIFA for another 5 more days. If you can, go access the books and check out the rest of the exhibition! Here are some photos for those of you who can’t make it there.

photo 2
Left side of the installation (To 2030 and beyond, banana plant, books, gloves)
photo 1
Right side of the installation (Title, books, Recommend A Book forms, gloves)
photo 3
Opening night reading performance by Nora Samosir.
photo 5
Reading group session of States of Denial, led by Dr Jun Zubillaga-Pow.

Der Kula Ring

The exhibition in Weimar has ended and we are currently preparing for the Singapore version, which will be in 72-13 as part of SIFA. Here’s what the installation in Weimar looked like:


These are some of the lovely artists and Goethe Institute people we worked with:


See you at SIFA! More info soon.

Upcoming Exhibition in Germany


We have been busy preparing for an art exhibition entitled Der Kula Ring, that’s taking place in Weimar, Germany, from 2 June – 10 July. It’s a part of Kultursymposium Weimar 2016 [].

We will be presenting our latest work, Archive of Future Commons. The Archive of Future Commons is a collection of publications which would be shared resources of all members of society in the year 2030. These publications contain thoughts, practices, and movements from the past and present which would inspire change, and contribute to the creation of a better collective future.

We will be showing 100 English-language books from the Archive, here’s a sample:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.33.40 pm

More info on the exhibition here: