Food #03

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Food #03 at Post-Museum
Woon Tien Wei
Date: 2007-2011
Artist-Run Restuarant
Exhibition history: Operated out of Post-Museum’s Rowell Road Space
Courtesy: Woon Tien Wei
Food #03 is an bar, deli, restaurant and artwork by Woon Tien Wei, after Food (1971) by Gordon Matta-Clark. It was a cafe that sold vegetarian burgers, pasta and pizzas as well as raw desserts, fairtrade coffee and alcohol.
The interior is designed by artist Dennis Tan and the first menu was created by artist Robert Guth.
It also served as a meeting and gathering space for like-minded people to exchange information, sell merchandise and hold events. In addition, Food #03 also initiated a guest chef programme as well as The Soup Kitchen Project.

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