Call for Participants


We are currently seeking Participants interested in Peranakan culture, colonial recipes and creating new working methods across different disciplines.

Participation in CultureHackSG 1.0 (Creation) is free of charge and limited to 15 persons. However, you would need to fulfil the following requirements:
1. Between 17-100 years old
2. Conversant in English
3. Interested in learning and creating
4. Able to work in a team
5. Able to attend all of the following sessions:
(i) 16 Jan (Fri), 5-10pm
(ii) 17 Jan (Sat), 2-7pm
(iii) 23 Jan (Fri) 6-9pm (presentation)
(iv) 24 Jan (Sat) 6-9pm (presentation)
(v) 25 Jan (Sun) 1.30-4.30pm (presentation)

If you would like to be a Participant, please contact us at admin @ post-museum . org.


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