CultureHackSG 1.0 is the first instalment of our new programme CultureHackSG, which will be launched at NUS Baba House as part of the Singapore Art Week 2015 (17 – 25 January).

CultureHackSG 1.0 explores the idea of hybridity. Inspiration is drawn from two notable instances of hybrid encounters – an early 20th century (c. 1920) setting at NUS Baba House, and contents of recipe books written for European residents in Malaya. The two
instances demonstrate the outcomes from contact and exchange among diverse groups. Using food as a point of entry, this edition of CultureHackSG contemplates the possibilities when ideas are shared and adapted.

The first segment of the two-part programme is the creation sessions where culinary and cultural specialists and participants experiment to generate new works (16 – 21 January). We imagine that the outcomes may take the form of edible concoctions and other creative products.

The culinary and cultural specialists include Robert Guth, Lee Eng Su, Lai Chee Kien, Lina Adam, Janice Loo, Wong Chee Meng, Janice Loo and P!D.

The second part of the programme (23 – 25 January) is the sharing sessions where the creations will be shared with the public.


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