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Helping a friend give these 3 dvds away. We have many sets of this… so please get in touch with us if you know someone, some school, some children homes etc which might love to have them!


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LEAVING ROOM Closing Party Finnisage


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We will be having a closing party (Finnisage) for LEAVING ROOM. Join us!

Date: 18th March 2018
Time: 4-9pm
Your Mother Gallery
91A Hindoo Road
Singapore 209126

Event Page:

There exist some familiarities in those spaces we call home. But there is hardly one home that is exactly the same as another.

Leaving Room is a wordplay on the living room, a room which is a shared space often used for relaxing and socialising in a residential home.

The works in this exhibition are made in the proximity to each artist’s living room. Each work explores each artist’s lived experiences and embody some form of lived resistances.

The exhibition brings these works into Your Mother Gallery. A gallery operated out of another artist’s living room. It is possible to think that the Leaving Room’s exhibition re-instates and perhaps re-constructs another living room by drawing these works together in Your Mother’s living room.

Leaving Room presents the works of:

Firhana Almuddin
Fiona Koh
Kheyton Lim ShiQuan
Nicholas Lim
Michelle Lim
Eugene Tan
Nicolette Teo

Contact Person:
Your Mother Gallery – Jeremy Hiah 82250421,
Post-Museum – Woon Tien Wei 92386609,

Rehearsal 2017


Rehearsal by Post-Museum, part of CITIES FOR PEOPLE NTU CCA Ideas Fest 2016/17

2 days and 2 nights urban camping

Rehearsal is a social experiment stemming from the urge to incite and foster public discussions in Singapore, addressing the city and how to organise collectively. Spaces for different groups to come together are lacking and only few opportunities exist for civil society groups and government sectors to meet and have open debates. Responding directly to the need for places that facilitate discussions and gatherings, Post-Museum‘s first Rehearsal, which took place at the Substation, invited people to spend time together and do something collectively over a 24-hour period.

Organised during CITIES FOR PEOPLE, Rehearsal is a parallel event that provides a place to further reflect on the topics discussed during the Ideas Fest, particularly in the Public Summit. This iteration of the Rehearsal will take the form of a campsite that invites the public to stay, eat, and live together over a period of two days and two nights. The space, to be built through a collective wood workshop using recycled materials from NTU CCA Singapore’s previous exhibitions, will include a kitchen, sleeping area, library, and a meditation space. Participants are asked to shape the site according to their activities and interests throughout the event period.

As such, what takes place during Rehearsal is a mix of planned activities and things that happen organically. Free and open to public (limited capacity). Please let us know the times when you would be able to join us by clicking through the Tickets Available link above!

18 Jan 2017 WED Afternoon: 2-8pm: Wood workshop

20 Jan 2017 FRI Night: One People One Nation* (8-9pm); Games* (9pm-11.30pm); US Presidential Inauguration ‘Live’ (11.30pm onwards)
FRI Sleepover

21 Jan 2017 SAT Brunch – Bring bread, fruit and anything else u wanna eat!
SAT Afternoon: The Public x Parliamentary Bills* (4-6pm)
SAT Night: The Braiding Association* (6-8pm); Stone Soup Party – Bring vegetables for the soup! (8-10pm); Women’s March* (10pm onwards)
SAT Sleepover

22 Jan 2017 SUN Brunch – Bring bread, fruit and anything else u wanna eat!
SUN Afternoon: Singapore Really Really Free Market 46A* – Bring stuff/skills! (1-6pm); Talk on reducing water and energy consumption at home (3-4pm)



CultureHackSG Sharing Session will be happening from 23-25 Jan 2015. We will be presenting a different programme for each session. Please see the latest updated programme below. It will be great to see you for all 3 days!

Purchase tickets at Peatix link:

At the moment, 23rd Jan Friday is sold out. Not much tickets left for Saturday and Sunday.

For more details on schedule please click on link


*featured image is ‘The Culinary History of Singapore Performance Art by Lina Adam’ Image courtesy of artist

Get your tickets for CultureHackSG presentation weekend

Art is An Bread by Robert Guth

Thank you everyone for coming last night.

After an eventful creation session last night, we are gearing up to do the presentation next week. (23,24,25th Jan – Fri – Sat). It is fascinating to think about food and culture from different approaches.

Well please ask your friends to get tickets for the presentation weekend. Every night programme is different. So please get tickets for that night!

You can do so at peatix –

Dear Neighbour by P!D

CultureHackSG 1.0 Schedule is updated


CultureHackSG 1.0 is the first instalment of our new programme CultureHackSG, which will be launched at NUS Baba House as part of the Singapore Art Week 2015 (17 – 25 January).

Looking for anyone interested in Peranakan culture, colonial recipes and creating new working methods across different disciplines.
Basically,CultureHackSG is a platform for arts and culture that is held over 2 days (16-17 Jan) of workshops by the specialist where the participants discusses the themes and issues relating to the ‘inspiration’ Baba House and the two colonial cookbooks). From this, the participants will make something that will be shown to the public on (23-25 Jan).
For more details please check out the website:
Interested in participation and contributing please email: admin@post-museum.orgor

Participate and check out the revised schedule.

* The Creation Process is Part 1 of CultureHackSG 1.0 and is a closed door event for participants. If you are interested please contact us or call tien or Jennifer about this.