Club, 1-30 September 2016, SURVEY: SPACE, SHARING, HAUNTING, Substation, Exhibition View. Courtesy Post-Museum.


You are reading Post-Museum’s blog and e-archive of our activities and news from Singapore and around the world. This is one of our virtual spaces and serves to collate content about us and issues which we find interesting and relevant in our world today.

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About us:
Post-Museum is an independent cultural and social space in Singapore which aims to encourage and support a thinking and pro-active community. It is an open platform for examining contemporary life, promoting the arts and connecting people. In addition to their events and projects, they also curate, research and collaborate with a network of social actors and cultural workers.

For Bukit Brown Index (2014-) is an ongoing project which indexes the case of Bukit Brown Cemetery. The struggle to conserve Bukit Brown is not read as a sentimental conservation but a struggle over Singapore’s Soul. Part of a worldwide movement, part social experiment, Post-Musem’s Really Really Free Market (2009-) form a temporary ‘free’ market zone based on alternative gift economy. The project creates a temporal physical manifestation of a micro-utopia where the fundamental economic structure is altered with a structured that value acts of ‘giving, sharing and caring heart’.

Currently operating nomadically, they continue to organise and host various events and activities in different spaces.

Professional Experience

2013 – Present Co-founded Awaken the Dragon Festival

·         An art project inspired by the last 2 remaining Dragon Kilns in Singapore.

·         Clay workshop for 5,000 members of the public.

·         Event organising for the 3 day festival at Jalan Bahar.

2011 – Present Community Service

·         Maintain an interest in the development of civil society movements in Singapore.

·         Co-founded SOS Bukit Brown and involved with the campaign to preserve Bukit Brown Cemetery.

·         Co-founded The Soup Kitchen Project Singapore programme which distributes food once a week to the needy in Little India area.

2007 – Present: Founded Post-Museum

·         Managed and operated an independent cultural and social space in Singapore, serving as an open platform for examining contemporary life, promoting the arts and connecting people.

·         Managed and operated an art project / Restaurant / Bar called Food #03.

·         As of mid-Aug 2011, Post-Museum has moved out of its Rowell Rd premises and is currently nomadic.

·         Experience in organising activities for different communities like art, environment, human rights and workshops.



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